Taylor Swift Sues Radio Host, Alleges Rear End Groping

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Taylor Swift celebrated the one-year anniversary of her smash hit album, "1989," this week.

But the latest piece of Taylor Swift news is not celebratory in nature. Far from it, in fact.

The artist has filed a countersuit against a radio host who sued her earlier this year, claiming he was fired from his $120,000-per-year job due to Swift making false allegations about him.

David Mueller, a former co-host of the 98.5 KYGO “Ryno and Jackson” morning show, filed his legal papers in September.

He said at the time that he attended a 2013 Swift concert in Denver, only to be kicked out of a meet-and-greet backstage by a member of Taylor’s security team.

This employee accused Mueller of inappropriately touching Swift's butt. Two days later, Mueller was fired.

In his lawsuit, Mueller denies all culpability, writing at one point that he was blamed for the actions of a colleague.

But Swift is standing strong.

“Ms. Swift knows exactly who committed the assault - it was Mueller,” states her filing.

The papers go on to say Mueller “intentionally reached under her skirt, and groped with his hand an intimate part of her body in an inappropriate manner, against her will, and without her permission.”

Swift’s legal team says their client was “surprised, upset, offended, and alarmed” after Mueller “lifted up her skirt and groped her.”

Swift - who wants a jury trial for the case and who is out to prove that “Mueller alive was the perpetrator” - will donate any potential financial winnings to “charitable organizations dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard.”

That's Taylor Swift once again for you.

Even when angry on her own behalf, she's always thinking of others.

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