Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: To the Rescue?

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There's a fine line between good and evil.

As recapped below, this might as well have served as a tagline for Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 2...

IN CAMELOT, King Arthur reveals that Merlin (who holds the key to turning Emma away from the Darkness) is trapped inside an old tree. Only the Savior can free him, Arthur says.

However, with Emma under a dark spell, that title now belongs to Regina, who tries to pull off a heroic side while attending a ball in her honor in Camelot.

But what began out as a night full of happiness and dancing quickly devolved into a nightmare of tears and bloodshed.

Apparently Percival recognized Regina from her Evil Queen days - when she burnt his childhood town to the ground... oops! - and he was out for revenge.

Fortunately, David stepped up and killed Percival before he could do Regina harm, though he also ended up fatally stabbing Robin Hood. Even bigger oops!

Because the weapon was enchanted, Regina's magic was powerless to save him. So she had to plead with Emma to use her dark magic.

As we know of course, and as her inner-Rumpelstiltskin stated, all magic comes with a price. Therefore, if Regina wanted magic, she had to pay for it.

The natural question now remaining is this: How?!?

IN STORYBROOKE, residents were having a difficult time adjusting to Emma as the Dark One. Hook even attempt to fix her with True Love’s kiss, but had no luck.

These concerns were pushed aside, though, when a Fury appeared in town and kidnapped Robin in the hopes of bringing him to the underworld.

This magical bounty hunter showed up because Regina fails to pay her pride and the Fury took it upon himself to therefore take her man.

Regina did end up up sacrificing herself to save Robin, but when Mary Margaret and company joined in, they overpowered the Fury and destroyed it.

So it does appear as if the gang thinks Regina is officially a new Savior, one worth believing in.

Finally, after heading home for the evening, Emma is visited by her inner-Rumple once again. He tells of her a new task:

She must reunite Excalibur with the dagger in order to snuff her light out forever and free her from any attachment to her friends and loved ones. She’ll need to get someone to pull the famous sword out of the stone for her, however.

Check out the official ABC teaser for Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 3 to see where this might go:

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