LeAnn Rimes SLAMS Brandi Glanville: I Ignore Everything She Says!

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The feud between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville has been going on for years, but it cooled off in a recent months, and there was a time when it looked as though the ladies might be through throwing shade at one another in public.

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Fortunately, it looks like we're now back to square one, as LeAnn ran her mouth off in a recent interview, and Brandi has already replied on Twitter!

"I ignore everything that [Brandi] puts up on Twitter," LeAnn told Britain's Closer magazine.

"This is real life and it's not about Twitter or a reality show. This is our life and I take being a stepmom seriously. I love the boys like they're my own and they live with us half the time."

She said that she ignores Brandi's tweets, but it seems that what really got LeAnn's goat was a recent interview in which Brandi said that LeAnn and Eddie let the kids get away with murder

Brandi's not exactly the quiet type, so she didn't just let the comment slide, but she didn't lash out in her usual fashion, either:

"I've never accused any1 of being a wicked stepmom I said my ex hub &I have different parenting styles," Brandi tweeter. "My Kids are happy."

Like we said, not exactly fighting words, but something tells us this is far from over.

Later in the same interview, LeAnn was asked about reports that she's having a baby by surrogate.  

She didn't exactly confirm the rumors, but she strongly hinted that there's a strong chance we'll be seeing a little LeAnn in the near future:

"I used to hate my eyes as a kid and now I have a husband with the same ones," LeAnn said. "So maybe the baby will come out with those eyes too!"

Wow. If Brandi thinks LeAnn and Eddie are too lenient with her kids now, just wait until they have an infant to worry about!

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