Lana Del Rey Opens Up About Depression, Panic Attacks

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Lana Del Rey recently released a new album, and while most young popular songstresses promote their work by making the talk show rounds and assaulting their social media followers with endless teasers, Lana usually just bares her soul in a handful of print interviews that make us worry about her mental health.

Lana Del Rey Scowling

Last year, Lana talked about wishing for death while promoting Ultraviolence. With her fourth studio album, Honeymoon, in stores, Lana is still talking about the great beyond, but now she sounds less like a goth teenager and more like a deeply troubled grownup.

“It’s hard for me sometimes to think about going on when I know we’re going to die. Something happened in the last three years, with my panic [attacks]…It got worse. I’ve always been prone to it.

“I saw a therapist – three times. But I’m really most comfortable sitting in that chair in the studio, writing or singing.”

This is the first time that Lana has spoken about being prone to panic attacks, and it may help explain why she canceled her tour for unspecified "medical reasons" last year. 

It certainly sounds as though she may be suffering from clinical anxiety and depression, and when a person's brain chemistry is out of balance, they could be on top of the world and still feel like the walls are closing in on them.

Still, when Lana is at her lowest, it must help a little bit to remember that James Franco is so obsessed with LDR that he's writing a freakin' book about her. Talk about an ego boost.

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