How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Another Victim

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A new character was introduced and a vital new piece of information was revealed on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 2.

Let's delve into a recap, shall we?

Annalise vs. Eve

After Caleb and Catherine’s aunt’s body was found, all signs pointed to these two as the culprit. Especially considering Caleb’s DNA was discovered at the scene.

But he told Annalise they were being frame… which actually turned out to be true.

However, some Oliver conducted some detective work and Team Keating successfully proved the police had planted Caleb's DNA on his aunt’s car, it remained unclear who, specifically, set these two up.

The crux of the hour, though, centered around Nate’s preliminary hearing, as prosecutor Emily Sinclair was out for floor. Blood that belonged to Annalise, to be precise.

Because Nate was unwilling to lie about having a fight with Sam on the night he was killed (thereby explaining the fingerprints on the ring), Eve had to turn on Annalise and make her look like the guilty party.

In the end, the judge roles for both sides to come up with a new case, as it was impossible to pick out a suspect. In the meantime, Nate was let go.

FLASH FORWARD TIME: we see Wes running away from where Annlise was shot, except he now meets up with Michaela and Laurel. They were expecting him.

Where’s Connor? He’s still inside the mansion, tending frantically to Annalise’s wound. The others do eventually convince him to leave, but they then pass the dead body of Emily Sinclair on the way out.


Finally, back in present day, Michaela received a surprise from a handsome dude named Levi. After being coaxed by Connor to go on a date with him and after Wes comes across a photo of Levi and Rebecca, it’s clear something is up with this newbie.

Eggs 911, could that be you?

Perhaps we'll find out on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 3, which is previewed below

Check out the teaser and go watch How to Get Away with Murder online to see if you missed any clues this week.

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