Bristol Palin Rants Against Birth Control, Remains Insane

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Earlier this week, Bristol Palin said that she loves being pregnant.

Sure, she initially called her second pregnancy a "huge disappointment;" she got knocked up by cheating on her combat veteran fiance, thus bringing an end to their engagement; and she may not know who the father is.

But all those things aside, Bristol's pregnancy has been as perfect as her mother's public-speaking skills.

In fact, the 24-year-old single mom who's fortunate enough to come form an absurdly wealthy family doesn't understand why everyone doesn't start popping out kids while they're still in their teens!

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On her always-amusing Patheos blog, Bristol recently posted a piece entitled "The Government is Paying for 10 Year Olds to Get Implanted With Birth Control?!" 

As you might expect from that headline, the BS started flying fast and furious from there:

"Do you remember what it was like to be a 10 year old?  I remember being an unabashed tomboy concerned with playing outside and acing 5th grade.

"But life isn’t so innocent and carefree for some 10 years old in Washington State.  This summer a report came out claiming that some schools in Washington were giving free birth control implants to children as young as 10 years old!  

"These birth control devices are implanted in a girl’s uterus, and all of this can be done without a parent’s consent!"

Yes, the United States government is running around pumping 10-year-olds full of birth control, except no they're not, and that's a batsh-t thing to say.

What Bristol is referring to is a program at Chief Sealth International High School in Washington (That's high school, like, for teenagers.) that offers students access to free and confidential reproductive health services, including birth control.

Washington is just one of 20 states in which minors can obtain birth control without their parent's permission.

So yes, there may have been some 10-year-olds who availed themselves of these services. We guess Bristol would prefer to see a bunch of knocked up fifth graders running around.

 In any event, the program has already provided services to several hundred clients between the ages of 17 and 19. 

Think of it this way, Bristol - that's several hundred fewer "taker" babies, who you know would just be ordering up welfare pizzas on their Obama phones.

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