Bristol Palin Baby Daddy: Revealed?!

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Somebody got Bristol Palin pregnant recently, and she is far from happy about it, the soon-to-be unwed mother of two confirmed in a statement.

The question is who her second baby daddy is, and the answer - according to a breaking report from Radar Online - may actually surprise you:

Bristol Palin with Dakota Meyer

A Wasilla, Ak., insider tells the website that Bristol is telling her friends back home “that the baby daddy is her ex-fiance, Dakota Meyer.”

Yes, the one and the same Dakota Meyer Palin got engaged to in March, then called off her Memorial Day wedding to at the last minute.

When Bristol confirmed yesterday that she is pregnant in a morose announcement, she neglected to mention who is the baby's father is.

While Radar's anonymous source is far from iron-clad, the couple sparked rumors of a secret pregnancy with their shocking engagement.

They had been dating just a few months at the time, and not only did they get engaged, but they were scheduled to get hitched on May 23.

Neither Bristol nor Dakota offered an explanation for the breakup that occurred one week prior to the scheduled wedding day in Kentucky.

Some believed that revelations of the 26-year-old Meyer’s ex-wife that Palin didn't know about might have been the cause. It's unclear.

Other observers speculated that Bristol, who has a child by Levi Johnston, cheated on Dakota and got pregnant by somebody else.

Given that she recently chastised Miley Cyrus for being a hypocrite and ... doing the things Miley does, this would've been delicious irony.

Whatever the case, insiders in Wasilla say the 24-year-old has not offered many kind words for Dakota behind the scenes these days.

“She told people she broke up with Dakota partly because he was super controlling and wanted her to move to Kentucky,” the source said.

Bristol sold her Wasilla home in anticipation of the marriage, but now that those plans are off, sources say she bought another one there.

She plans on raising both of her kids, in close proximity to former political figure Sarah Palin, from the comforts of her Alaska hometown.

What do you think? Do you trust this report? And can you even BELIEVE that Bristol Palin was out having premarital sex again?!

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