Abby Lee Miller: Charged with Bankruptcy Fraud!

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According to a federal grand jury, Abby Lee Miller has been dancing to her own beat for years.

Her own ILLEGAL beat, that is!

Abby Lee Miller is Happy

The reality star, whose Lifetime series has been deemed the fakest of all-time, filed for bankruptcy back in 2010 and remained in insolvency for three years.

As a result of this legal maneuver, Miller was obligated to report all earned income to the court, which includes anything made via programs such as Dance Moms and Ultimate Dance Competition.

Simple enough, right?

Not for Miller.

She allegedly set up a hidden bank account into which she diverted over $755,000 in income taken home from TV shows, merchandise and apparel sales, along with dance lessons at her studio.

Ironically, bankruptcy Judge Thomas Agresti grew suspicious of Miller after seeing commercials for her various television appearances.

He ordered a hearing for Miller to disclose her full income, at which point it was discovered that she was hiding a significant share of her earnings.

Miller has been indicted on 20 counts of fraud and faces up to five years in prison for each count, if convicted.

Yes, Abby Lee Miller could go to jail for 100 years!!!!

We doubt that will happen, but it will mean you better watch Dance Moms online while you can. It's not hard to envision Lifetime yanking the program if its lead gets put behind bars.

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