Dance Moms: Exposed as Fakest Reality Show of All Time!

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Dance Moms is one of the more "dramatic" reality shows around, as it follows young dancers (and their moms) on their quest for glory.

With unhinged coach and studio owner, Abby Lee Miller, at the helm, their journeys are crazy indeed, but what is even crazier is this ...

The show is complete fake. One hundred percent bogus.

Abby Lee Miller: You're a Joke!

According to a behind-the-scenes insider quoted by Radar, everything the girls do is taped multiple times for the sake of the Lifetime hit.

"Abby's girls filmed their dances multiple times, and they'd say 'This one is for extra,' or 'This one is for production,'" the source dishes.

If you watch Dance Moms online, you don't see the fact that the ALDC prodigies actually get several chances to perfect their dances.

Meanwhile, their competition is only allowed to perform once.

"Only Abby Lee's girls got to do their dances multiple times," the source said, questioning whether the dance events were authentic at all.

"It seemed like they were going to film it and let Abby Lee's people win everything, and let a couple of other people win occasionally."

Only "in categories they didn't have dancers in," of course.

The source says producers are so intent on re-shooting every aspect of the show that the day became very long and the girls got tired.

"It was a 12-hour day," the insider says of the Dance Moms fakery. "Everything took a long time because they filmed it multiple times."

Moreover, the source said that crowd reactions shown on TV are completely fake, and are filmed separately from the actual dances.

Miller's archrival, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, is in on it as well.

"Nobody from [Dance Moms] was sitting with the rest of us losers (in the audience)," the source told the celebrity gossip website.

Only when producers needed footage "would they bring out Cathy's people from Candy Apples to film their fake reactions."

Wow. Shameless and lame if this is even half true. And here we thought the Duggars were the fakest people on reality TV.

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