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A concerned citizen of Victoria, British Columbia was adamant that he saw a unicorn chasing a screaming man through a cemetery Sunday night.

That’s not one you hear every day at the 911 dispatch desk.

Insane Unicorn

Officers responding to the 911 call found … that he was right!?

Sort of. A man wearing a unicorn mask was indeed wielding a large black hunting knife as an apparently terrified victim tried to get away.

One can imagine trying to flee such a thing as fast as possible.

The second man attempted to get into his vehicle when police approached cautiously and commanded the unicorn to drop the weapon immediately.

According to media reports, the alleged, singularly horned attacker and the "victim" were in the midst of making a video that was meant to be funny.

We have no idea what the plot of the would-be comedy consists of, but ironically, we ended up getting a good laugh out of it in a different way.

The unicorn and his adversary/friend, both in their 30s, apologized for alarming any passersby and for any and all unintended impact of their actions.

No charges were reportedly filed and they left without incident.