Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: Hug It Out, B-tches!

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returned for part two of its fourth season reunion Monday night on VH1, and featured some explosive moments to be sure.

Those hoping for a full-scale brawl had reason to think it was possible, given the show's history, but the postmortem get-together wasn't that violent.

When Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 19 got going, Stevie J., Joseline and Mimi found themselves in the crosshairs quite frequently.

Like part one of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Nina Parker was forced to mediate and hopefully prevent another epic melee like last year.

For the most part, she did as well as you could hope for.

Especially given that Joseleine claimed that she, Mimi and Mimi’s husband had a threesome at one point, you know tensions were running hot.

However, they actually handled this issue amicably.

Not so much the subject of Mimi's newfound attempt to manage artists and Dawn attempting to hijack Mimi’s first client ever, Jessica Dime.

Meanwhile, a montage of Momma Dee and Ernest’s decades-long romance was shown, and their relationship with Scrappy delved into.

Scrap was also in the hot seat with regard to Erica and Bambi, and s--t really hit the fan after Momma Dee told him to use condoms.

Not awkward at all from your mom on national TV.

Erica asks Bambi how she can insult her, then say she loves her daughter, a product of her. Scrappy tells people not to clap for this!

Kelenna talked about her PPD, her career and her love life, and rehashed her beef with Debra, eventually hugging it out and making up.

The fight between Rasheeda and Kalenna was also discussed; no one can agree on much of anything except that it's all pretty petty.

Finally, Nikko's wife Margeaux mocks Stevie for his all-red outfit, calls him a "f--kboy" and asks if he really thinks Joseline makes good music.

Stevie asks why she is even here, after which she storms off the stage, despite being there to supposedly "speak the truth." Good times.

Following this was a discussion of Stevie J and Joseline and the use of his “special sauce,” which was as confusing as it is gross-sounding.

Backstage, Margeaux and Nikko basically flip out that they are amongst a bunch of clowns, while Stevie and Joseline give a performance.

Musically, not of the throw-down variety.

To wrap up the night, Mimi gives a touching speech about achieving her dreams and how come what may, she considers both of them to be family.

Joseline cries as they hug it out. *sniff*

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