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Lil Wayne might not top the list of celebrities that the world wants to see getting freaky in the bedroom, but according to TMZ we might soon find out if the diminutive rapper is big where it counts.

The website claims that a Lil Wayne sex tape is being shopped to various media outlets, and the rapper is understandably not happy about it.

Those who have seen the controversial footage claim that it shows Wayne – naked except for a pair of socks – being serviced by two young women who “do all the work.”

Donald and Wayne

There’s no word on whether the video was shot before or after Wayne’s breakup with Christina Milian, but insiders say the 32-year-old Young Money mogul is hell-bent on making certain the clip never sees the light of day.

A rep for Wayne has vowed to “sue the hell out of” any porn company that purchases the video with the intention of releasing it to the public.

It wouldn’t be worth the legal risk unless Wayne signs off on it, and he probably can’t be bought.

Even though he claims to have been bilked out over $50 million by Birdman, Weezy remains one of the wealthiest rappers in the game, and he’s unlikely to be swayed the sort of seven-figure payday that suffices for past sex tape stars like Farrah Abraham.

So it looks like the footage of a sock-clad Wayne nasally moaning in pleasure as two bored chicks go to town on him will never hit the web. Sorry, ladies!