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The only thing more permanent than Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery is the drama between Heidi and her Hills co-star Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad Pic
Heidi Montag Reality TV Awards

Bearing witness to the implosion of their friendship nearly eight years ago on MTV’s The Hills, viewers were captivated by the young stars endless drama.

The drama proved to good enough that people are still talking about it in 2015.

The friends’ fallout still isn’t over. Well, they claim it is.  But the fact they are still talking about it means they still want their drama to be relevant.

In February, in a therapy session on the show Marriage Boot Camp, Heidi claimed that Lauren tried to ruin her life.  

And now, Lauren is chiming in with her two cents about the drama that just won’t die.

Lauren said, "No … I’m not really involved in ["Hills" drama when Heidi Montag stated that Conrad was trying to ruin her life] that anymore.”

Clearly, Lauren doesn’t understand that by continuing to talk about it, she is still involved in the drama.

She added, “I don’t think it has anything to do with me. You just have to focus on the good people in your life. Focusing on what you lose is only going to make you sad.”

“When I did television, scandal was always around me. And I think one of the best things [about that] for me is that your life becomes more big-picture.”

Yes, so much of big picture that you are still talking about the same broken friendship from EIGHT. YEARS. AGO.

“You have to develop a thick skin really quickly. It toughened me up, which is good,” the fashion designer and former reality star commented.

“My husband told me [about Brody Jenner’s new sex advice show]. I didn’t know!”

And though she claims to beyond the bickering, she took a shot at Jenner’s show: “He has a lot of experience … so sure, depending on what kind of advice you want.”

Not much has changed … other than Heidi’s face.