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Speaker of the House John Boehner announced moments ago that he intends to step down from his position and retire from Congress at the end of October.

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Boehner’s decision is surprising, but it’s the cause and the immediacy of his resignation that have really left Washington reeling.

The New York Times is reporting that the 65-year-old representative from Ohio has become fed up with combative extremists within his own party and fears that Republicans will once again shut down the government in order to protest federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Rumors that Boehner is involved in an extramarital affair have been circulating for years, but insiders confirm that his sudden decision to resign is purely political and motivated by his frustration over what might soon be the second government shutdown in as many years.

Both parties are lamenting Boehner’s decision, and colleagues of every political stripe are praising him as an effective and level-headed legislator in a time when partisan extremism runs rampant in Congress.

Boehner jokes and memes (frequently poking fun at his over-tanned skin tone) have been popular on the Internet throughout his nearly five years as Speaker. 

Just yesterday, Boehner was chided after he got visibly choked up while standing next to Pope Francis.

While his presence will certainly be missed by many, anyone who’s paid attention to the warnings in a Cialis commercial knows there is such a thing as too much Boehner. Sorry, we had to slip in a parting pun.