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Ah, Jessica Simpson. Her particular form of intelligence might be a bit…non-traditional, but she’s built a wildly successful empire and she knows how to keep her fans interested.

But while some stars resort to PR stunts and scripted reality shows in order to stay in the spotlight, Jessica is nothing if not authentic.

What you see is what you get, and – whether she’s falling down drunk outside of a club or posting half-naked S&M pics on Instagram – what you get is usually pretty interesting.

Jessica Simpson at Teen Vogue
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Take Jessica’s latest interview for example. It’s one of those "25 Things You Don’t Know About Me" pieces for Us Weekly, and while she offers up the usual trite celebrity BS (Her favorite ice cream is "pistachio or butter cream!"), Jess’ list also takes some turns for the downright bizarre.

For example, speaking of ice cream – Jess once "left space camp because the ice cream was dehydrated." But don’t worry, she still "dreams of being an astronaut." God help NASA. Some other highlights:

  • "I always know when a house is haunted."
  • "I can hold my breath longer than Justin Bieber can."
  • "I can smell everything."
  • "I always take credit for my farts."

We don’t get it. Was she in a haunted house with Justin Bieber when she farted out of fear, and he couldn’t hold his breath as long, and was therefore the first to smell, thus forcing him to admit that he dealt it?

If so, someone needs to buy the movie rights to that story ASAP. Never change, Jess!