Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap: Who Broke Up?! Who Got Engaged?!

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Wow. We just witnessed the most riveting, compelling, shocking, controversial, literally unprecedented Bachelor in Paradise finale EVER.

Sorry, channeling our inner Chris Harrison there for a minute.

You'll have to watch Bachelor in Paradise online to fully appreciate the emotional conclusion on ABC, but here's your relationship rundown ...

Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Cast Photo

Picking up where part one of the finale left off, Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Episode 12 brought the summer guilty pleasure to an end.

Was it a good end, though, for the remaining couples?

After Kirk dumped Carly out of the blue Sunday night, the tension was high - as were the stakes - heading into the final dates in Paradise.

You wouldn't know it watching Jade and Tanner. He said I love you, and she said it right back. They just seem destined to make this last.

Tenley, meanwhile, was honest with Joshua about how she was not sure what the "real world" holds, though she does genuinely like him.

Cassandra took a pass on the Fantasy Suite with Justin. As a mom, she felt that going there would be too fast and maybe inappropriate.

As for Samantha Steffen, she didn’t talk too much but Nick still felt like the luckiest guy on the planet bringing her into the Fantasy Suite.

The men were told, prior to the rose ceremony, to only give one out if they were committed to the future. So who was, and who wasn't?!

For Justin and Cassandra, forgoing the Fantasy Suite didn't mean forgoing love. He gushed over her, and she accepted his rose happily.

Nick told Samantha she took his breath away, which we already knew, and in a bit of a shock, she was into it, accepting his rose as well.

Joshua was not so lucky. Tenley, torn over the possibility of starting a long-distance relationship, did what she had to do and let him go.

Finally, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert capped off the night by not only accepting each other's roses joyfully ... but getting engaged!

How's that for a happy ending to a ridiculous show?

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