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If you follow Dan Bilzerian on Instagram, then you know the man loves two things: women and guns.

Bilzerian has become of social media’s biggest stars by posting pics of scantily clad models horsing around with his massive gun collection.

With all those firearms in one place, there was bound to be a visit from the cops at some point, but remarkably, Bilzerian wasn’t at home when it finally happened.

Dan Bilzerian With Giant Gun

The 34-year-old professional poker player was attending the Electric Zoo Festival in New York City over the weekend when he received word that someone had broken into his Hollywood Hills mansion.

Police say they don’t know how many burglars were involved, but they do know that the goal was to make off with Bilzerian’s arsenal.

His giant gun room showed signs of attempted forced entry, but the thieves were unable to get inside.

Obviously, there’s little mystery as to how the burglars found out about the huge weapons stash. Bilzerian constantly shows off his ever-growing collection on Instagram.

Bilzerian hasn’t commented on the situation publicly, but insiders say he’s planning to beef up security.

Of course, in his case, that probably means just buying more guns.

Who would’ve guessed that constantly advertising that your house is full of cash and weapons would eventually cause problems?