Chris Brown: Did He No-Show Event Because Gay Men Were Present?!

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You probably don’t need another reason to hate Chris Brown, but we’ll give you one just in case.

Chris Brown in Tha House

According to an LGBT publication called Georgia Voice, rapper Chris Brown was scheduled to perform on Saturday at the Georgia Freight Depot.

A lesbian-owned company, Traxx Girls, promoted the event as the “biggest girl party in the country, with over 4,000 women in attendance.”

Certainly, Brown didn't mind a crowd of lesbians. He certainly takes no issue with exploiting (and abusing) women. 

But when he discovered that the crowd would also consist of gay men, Brown reportedly backed out of the event.

Melissa Scott, founder of Traxx Girls, said she was unsure why Brown would even commit to the event if he is homophobic.

“I’m completely baffled,” she said. “You know it’s gay pride. You knew you agreed when you sent the contract in and took the money.”

Scott added, “I think it’s unfortunate for mainstream artists to take people’s money with the complete prior knowledge of knowing what the event is and being very clear about what the event is about.”

Chris Brown claimed that he “honestly wasn’t booked for the show.”

However, Brown, who has a history of being an a-hole, has made homophobic comments in the past.  In June, Chris Brown insulted Caitlyn Jenner, calling her a "science experiment."

So we wouldn't be surprised if he back out of the event because of his homophobic tendencies.

Allegedly, Brown’s staff text messaged Scott asking Traxx Girls to remove a promo pic of the rapper because he appeared to be “feminine” in the picture.

Brown took to Twitter on Monday and adamantly denied that he was slated to appear at the event. He also claimed he does not harbor any homophobic feelings.

He tweeted, “I wasn’t aware or informed of a show I supposedly cancelled,”

“I have nothing but love and respect for the LGBT COMMUNITY."

"The show was never confirmed by any of my people. So I apologize if the fans wanted me there. I honestly wasn’t booked for the show,” he continued.

“Hopefully in the future we can do it right. Much love LGBT.”

Chris Brown was replaced with rapper Fetty Wap. Which begs the question: Homophobia or not, who would want to see Chris Brown anyway???

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