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So… has Blindspot tattooed itself on your heart already?

Or, perhaps we ought to ask, on your DVR recording list?

Watch Blindspot Season 1 Episode 1 Online
Watch Blindspot Season 1 Episode 1 Online

The fall TV season officially kicked off on Monday evening, with Blindspot Season 1 Episode 1 being one of the most anticipated pilots for most fans of the small screen.

It featured an interesting premise (a woman wakes up in New York City, with no memory, yet with a body full of strange tattoos) and an intriguing star (Jaimie Alexander).

Over the course of the opening hour, Alexander’s main character awoke naked in Times Square… remained unaware of her true identity… got into a physical altercation with a landlord… and took a bullet fired by a Chinese terrorist.

Oh, and about those tattoos: they are mostly symbols, numbers and words. But they also include the named of FBI Special Agent Kurt Weller.

He ends up teaming with Jane Doe after she recognizes a tattoo written in Chinese (how does she know Chinese? She has no idea.).

Somehow, Jane can comprehend that the writing is an address and a date. So she tags along with Kurt and the rest of the FBI and helps them take down a Chinese terrorist with plans to blow up the Statue of Liberty. Good work!

It’s pretty clear NBC is going with a drama similar to smash hit The Blacklist here, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The premiere was perfectly fine, perfectly well done for what the series wants to be.

By the end, this is what we learned about Jane:

  • She may have been a Navy SEAL.
  • Her memories were erased via a drug often used on PTSD survivors. Prior to that incident, she had some kind of mentor/protege relationship with an unnamed bearded man. We witnessed their interaction via flashback and we then see this same man following Jane and Kurt around the Big Apple.
  • One of Jane’s etchings (“81899Z”) is a case file number that pertains to Kurt’s boss, who is in a heap of legal trouble.

What did you think of Blindspot?

It’s not too late to catch up before Episode 2: Follow this link to watch Blindspot online now!