Angelina Jolie: Cheating on Brad Pitt with Nanny Lena Gould?!

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Reports of Angelina Jolie cheating on Brad Pitt with their kids’ nanny - a woman, Lena Gould - have taken the Internet by storm this week.

At Maleficent Premiere

As Jennifer Garner learned the hard way, hiring hot nannies can come back to haunt you. But who would've guessed Angie would do the cheating?!

Alleged cheating. We repeat: Alleged.

It's far from confirmed that Angelina Jolie is now the female version of Ben Affleck or that Lena Gould is the female Christine Ouzounian.

(We just had to write that sentence.)

But according to an all new report, Angelina has gotten VERY cozy with Gould, even holding hands with her while out and about in public!

Says an insider close to Jolie:

“[Angelina] acknowledged she had bonded with Lena in recent months, spending long nights talking and massaging each other’s bodies."

Wait ... what?!

This revelation came after "Brad Pitt demanded to know what was going on between them, [noticing that] Angelina and Lena are inseparable."

"Jolie insisted that she and her nanny just shared an 'emotional connection,'" and reassured Brad he had nothing to worry about, apparently.

Does he, though?

Angelina is openly bisexual, so in that sense, it's not out of the realm of possibility for her to hook up with Lena. Crazier things have happened.

It's also no secret that Angie and Brad have been on the rocks, and she was once his mistress, so it's not like there's no cheating history there.

Maybe Angelina has turned to Lena to fill a void that Brad no longer fills? Or their affair is one of many reasons for Brangelina's marital strife?

No clue. But stay tuned.

This could be the story that finally confirms what many have long believed was the inevitable demise of the couple ... or just tabloid nonsense.

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