Leonardo DiCaprio Drops Weight, Beard, Keeps Girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach

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If you haven't seen the trailer for The Revenant, prepare to be blown away.

Directed by Oscar-winner Alejandro Iñarritu (Birdman), and co-starring Tom Hardy, the movie tells the tale of one man's harrowing quest for an Academy Award.

Yes, Leo is breaking his impressive streak of playing rich D-bags (The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, the ass-hat slave owner in Django Unchained) to take on the role of legendary mountain man Hugh Glass, and sources say homeboy really wants an Oscar for the year of grueling work he put in on this film.

Lots of actors physically transform for their roles but fat, bearded Dicaprio was a regular sight for 15 months, and now that he's preparing to kick off his Oscar campaign, the heartthrob has returned to form and dropped the pounds overnight, as only Hollywood folks can.

Leonardo DiCaprio Weight Loss Photo

That's Leo looking trimmer than he has in quite some time at the recent Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.

As much as we'll miss the Great Fatsby, we're sure it was a pleasure for Leo to finally lose all that extra padding. We hope he donated the beard to Locks of Guys Trying to Conceal a Second Chin.

It's long been rumored that DiCaprio was planning a crash diet, but we had no idea he would crash this hard. Someone tell this guy you don't need to have the chiseled physique of an Oscar statuette in order to win one.

Anyway, we haven't updated on Leo's love life in a while, and remarkably, it seems there's nothing to report. 

Witnesses say DiCaprio is still dating Kelly Rohrbach, and the two were spotted together at Monday's festival in NYC, as well as at a handful of other events in recent weeks.

The man is taking his Oscar campaign more seriously than Donald Trump is taking his run for presidency.

Please, Academy - just give this man Best Actor so that he can get back to rocking an epic beard that constantly reeks of the previous night's eight-some.

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