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Last night on Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 5, custody fights were the name of the game for three of the four ladies of MTV’s reality hit.

Oh, and man alive, what an ugly game it’s become.

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Picking up where last week left off, Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 5 saw more trouble in otherwise smoking hot land of Chelsea Houska.

In South Dakota, we found Adam Lind, Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy, sometime criminal and possible steroid addict, up to no good again.

Dude had their daughter Aubree leave a sad voicemail for his other baby mama, begging her to let them see his other daughter, Paislee.

Luckily, Taylor Halbur and Chelsea Houska discussed this, and ended up bonding over their troubles – and custody battles – with the jailbird.

The episode also continued a recurring theme in West Virginia, where we saw Leah Messer and Corey Simms HAVE AT IT over custody.

“Get your s—t together and do what you’re supposed to do and there will be no issues, you’re a fake-ass mom right now,” he said.

“Shut up!” Leah screamed back, not helping her cause as her children looked on. “Stop running your mouth. That’s all you do.”

“Are the kids around while you’re cussing like that?” Corey asked, reasonably. “’Cause they tell me you say the F-word all the time."

Corey Simms and Leah Messer’s fight was not the first, or last of its kind, as he recounted to his current wife, Miranda Patterson:

“There’s no talking to her. There should never be an excuse as to why she canceled therapy. That’s the stuff that’s pissing me off."

"Why are the kids telling me that Mommy and Jeremy fight so bad that they get scared and hide in the laundry room?" Simms asked.

"I believe my kids more than I’ll ever believe her.”

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Meanwhile, Barbara Evans received the court papers filed by Jenelle to reclaim custody of her son Jace, and this did not go over well.

The two then predictably jawboned about it.

Barbara told Jenelle she couldn’t see Jace since they were heading to court and didn’t want to “upset” him, leading Jenelle to scream:

“I want to know how come some weekends it’s okay for me to have him and then the second you get pissed off you hold him from me.”

Babs tried to explain. Jenelle went OFF.

“You know what? F–k you dude. I’m so done with you. And when I get custody of Jace back, you will not see him," she told her mom.

"For as long as you f–king held him from me for. I’m done with this. Go ahead get a lawyer because guess what, sweetheart?"

"I’m going to test clean. I’m going to school.”


Fiance Nathan Griffith seemed to take Barbara’s side, which Jenelle didn’t love, even though he made some surprisingly valid points:

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“He’s been living there for the last 4-5 years. You can’t just rip a child out of a home without slowly transitioning him into another home."

"Just because she does something wrong," Nathan sagely added of Barbara, "doesn’t mean you have to do something wrong.”

It’s good advice, even if it was lost on her. Maybe Nathan should call up Kailyn Lowry, who was reeling from her own domestic woes.

When Kail revealed she was going to California for a weekend with her friend’s family, husband Javi Marroquin said that would be fine.

Or not.

Javi started BLOWING UP her phone the second she arrived, getting into it with her over heated texts, and some of them harsh too.

“Your kids are here. You don’t need to stay that long. You are a bad mom. You need to think about your family,” Javi wrote to his wife.


“I’m at a point where I’m only worried about my kids,” Lowry told her friend in Cali. “I don’t need a husband. I don’t need any man."

"I’m not going to sit here and spend 10 years of my life trying to make it work if it’s just not going to work. It’s like a broken record.”

“I can’t help it that my relationship with my husband is so f–ked up. I don’t even want to go home to him because I’m so upset.”

Kailyn dialed home and gave her man a piece of her mind: "I can’t even come home and make this work. I’m so f–king humiliated."

"Thank you so much for ruining friendships and ruining people who are important to me," she added, and she’s not even home yet.

Stay tuned.

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