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It’s been five months since we first learned that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating, but thus far, they’ve managed to keep the PDAs to a minimum.

But that wasn’t the case during Monday night’s concert in LA, when Tay-Tay was caught on camera mouthing the words "I love you" to someone in the front row. 

We’re gonna go ahead and assume it was Calvin:

Many Swifties were worried about the fact that Calvin had been showing an ugly, angry side in recent weeks – attacking Avril Lavigne and others who dared speak ill of Taylor on social media. 

Not surprisingly, however, some sources are claiming the altercations actually brought Caylor closer together.

After all, if Taylor loves anything, it’s a good throwdown with a fellow celeb.

Taylor’s feud with Katy Perry shows no signs of abating, and it seems like Calvin is the perfect attack dog.

The man’s willing to get down and dirty and say the things that Taylor can’t. (See Calvin’s feud with Zayn Malik for further evidence.)

These two are tall, blonde mega-stars who are unwilling ton take any sh-t from anyone. They’re basically the Ivan Dragos of the pop music world and they must break you. Or enjoy cute little PDAs mid-concert. Same thing, really.