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Robert Pattinson is a busy man these days.

He’s filming a new movie. He’s planning his wedding to FKA Twigs. And he’s growing out a seriously impressive beard.

Robert Pattinson and a Fan
Two Hotties and a Stranger

But that doesn’t mean the former Twilight Saga stud doesn’t have time for his fans.

The beloved star, in fact, struck a couple of random poses with fans recently as part of shooting the film The Lost City of Z in Ireland.

First, one young woman shared an Instagram photo of herself sitting next to Pattinson on a plane, divulging via caption what Robert is like by writing “shy and quiet but really nice.”

Sounds a lot like the Robert Pattinson we’ve heard about, doesn’t it?

The same woman also went a bit bananas over the unexpected meeting, adding on her social media account:

"Shut the front door!! Robert Pattinson on the plane!! "#robertpattinson #twilight #everyteenagegirlsdream #fangirl #belfasttolondon #rpatz #justyouraverageplanejourney."

Second, a second woman found herself sandwiched between Pattinson his Lost City of Z co-star Charlie Hunnam on a street in Belfast, making every female in the world jealous and writing along with her picture:

“In BELFAST hanging with [‘SONS OF ANARCHY’] Charlie Hunnam and TWILIGHT Robert Pattinson!!! Yes I had a heart attack."

Fortunately, the woman didn’t actually have a heart attack. But she does have a great story to tell friends!