Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season Finale Recap: They Do?

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The culmination of so many incredible storylines, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 17 focused on Momma Dee's wedding day.

There were plenty of other plots tied up - or left open - as the fourth season came to a close, and it was not without some OMG moments.

Those hoping for an encore of last summer's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight were likely let down, though, because it was chill.

At least by Love & Hip Hop standards ...

Momma Dee is stressed out, worrying if her son and daughter will skip her wedding, but she eventually marries Earnest with them there.

Removing Erica from her bridal party at Scrap's request showed him just how much having him in the wedding meant to her. So touching.

Stevie asks Mimi to move to L.A. with him, along with their daughter Eva; Mimi obviously fears the major potential for drama with Joseline.

Tony visits Kalenna, saying he misses working with her in the studio and wants to be her manager again. They both wanna make it work!

Nikko is shocked when Margeaux reveals her new love interest ... a woman. She's coming to terms with her bisexuality and it's hard on her.

Wisely, Nikko feels it’s only right to support Margeaux, given all they've been through, and no matter what her sexual preference might be.

Rasheeda and Kirk open her new store; Karlie reaches out to Erica and Rasheeda to say she has come in peace and they patch things up.

Yung Joc and KD reveal that they’ve reunited for the time being, as they arrive as guests for Momma Dee's wedding. Give it a few weeks.

Then things get real. Stevie reveals that he won’t be attending Joseline’s performance, leaving her a note to let her know just how he feels.

Joseline finds Stevie’s note along with flowers in her dressing room after her performance, when he's packed his bags and left for L.A.

Karlie brings up Mimi mentioning that Stevie asked her to move there, briefly sending Joseline into a blinding rage as she kicks Karlie out.

As Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 17 - and with it, the season - ends, we see each of the stars close out their stories for now:

  • Momma Dee and Ernest ride off into the sunset;
  • Rasheeda and Kirk are excited about the future;
  • Erica and Scrappy reach a peace treaty of sorts;
  • Kalenna says she is managing her PPD better;
  • Margeaux talks about the values of inner strength and being honest with herself (and is seen kissing her new girlfriend Merica).
  • Mimi meets with publishers about her autobiography, unsure about whether to follow Stevie to L.A., instead focusing on herself.
  • Joseline insists that she doesn’t care about Stevie’s letter, and that the only one she trusts is herself. Sensing a theme here yet?
  • Stevie J reveals what he wrote - that he can't take any more of her betrayal, and must go alone, but will love her forever. Deep.

See how it all went down, and what else went down, when you follow the above links to watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta online now.

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