Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: Too Many Secrets

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 16 was all about secrets and surprises ... and not all of them were positive. Big stunner there, we know.

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In the shocker to end all shockers, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 16 featured a healthy dose of drama between Stevie J and Joseline.

When she found out last week that Stevie J worked with Tiffany Foxx, one of Mimi Faust’s two clients, Joseline decided two can play at that game.

She said she was going to work with a new producer, but not anyone Stevie knew. Not the case, as he would find out while fishing with Scrappy.

They have it out, accusing each other of betrayal. She invites Stevie to come hear the song she recorded with the other guy. He is nonplussed.

Later, he appears to write her a letter and leaves before she returns to the dressing room ... cue dramatic music and setup for next week's episode!

Meanwhile, the bisexual Joseline decides to work with a gay charity and opens up about her background in a rare moment of vulnerability for her.

On a sort of related note, Jessica Dime heard about Tiffany working with Stevie J and Jazzy Pha, and set out for the ULTIMATE revenge on them:

Teaming up with Margeaux - the woman Nikko London was/is married to in secret whilst filming the Mimi Faust sex tape - for a duet, of course!

The song's title? “Start a War.” Appropriate. Before long, Mimi is yelling at Jessica and we fade to black, DYING to know what happens next Tuesday.

In other storylines ...

  • Kirk surprises Rasheeda with her own store, then changes his mind, then eventually gives in and she's thrilled, despite his shady finances.
  • He never explains why the hell he needed to surprise her with something so big, or why he's so weird when it comes to money issues.
  • Mama Dee’s wedding to Ernest is right around the corner, but she still hadn't told Scrappy about it until the two had it out Tuesday.
  • He tells her that if his ex, Erica, is a bridesmaid at the soiree then he will not be walking his mom down the aisle. Luckily, Erica bows out.
  • Kalenna Harper goes to therapy for PPD following her blowups over barely anything (even by VH1 standards) in recent weeks. Respect.

As always, you can follow the links to watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta online and see the drama play out in the ATL from start to finish.

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