Kim Kardashian Responds to Tragedy, Pushes for #GunSafety, #BackgroundChecks

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Don't get us wrong: we love it when Kim Kardashian poses nude online.

But we love it even more when Kim Kardashian uses her fame, her followers and her platform to do more than just show off her boobs and her butt.

Kim Kardashian on the DL

Like when she uses these attributes to make a political statement, such as Kardashian did on Wednesday night in the wake of a horrific tragedy.

After learning about the murders of Valernie Jackson and her children at the hands of ex-boyfriend David Conley, Kim went on a Twitter rant regarding the topic of gun control.

First, she gave some background: 

“Have u heard of the heart breaking story about David Conley who slaughtered his ex girlfriend & her entire family! Her 6 kids,husband & her."

Then, she put the killings into context:

"He purchased the gun & ammo ONLINE! How is it so easy to purchase guns online!!! Does this not sicken you? No background checks needed!!!!!"

Then, Kim reiterated the point for emphasis:

"These gun safety laws have to change! This poor woman was tied up & saw every child of hers & husband get executed over 10 hours!”

Finally, Kardashian expressed her sympathy and used some hashtags to call attention to something other than her huge breasts for a change:

“My thoughts & prayers go out to Valerie Jackson’s family and friends! #GunLawsHAVEtoChange #GunSafety #BackgroundChecksNecessary."

Agree or disagree on this one issue with Kim, you must admit: It's refreshing to see her take some kind of stance, isn't it? Without getting paid for it?

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