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As you surely know by now, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are not exactly besties.

In fact, they’re basically engaged in a much, much tamer version of Biggie and Tupac feud.

Basically, if Biggie vs. Pac was World War II, Katy vs. Taylor is that time you shot a rubber band at your sister and accidentally hit her in the face, and she totally told on you.

Katy Perry Halftime Outfit
Taylor Swift Shorts Photo

Anyway, the shots being fired here are metaphorical, but the hatred between Perry and Swift is very real.

The latest round kicked off when Katy slammed Taylor as a hypocrite on Instagram.

Swifty shot back in the subtlest way possible by dancing with Katy’s "Left Shark" during a concert.

Now, Katy is keeping the beef going in an equally low-key fashion by befriending someone named "Slutty Taylor Swift" on Instagram.

From the looks of things, Katy followed STS for no other reason than the fact that she liked her name.

Slutty Swift isn’t famous; she doesn’t know Katy personally; and she only has a few thousand followers (many of whom jumped on board after she became semi-Insta-famous thanks to Katy).

Katy, of course, knew that folks would notice the follow, and like Taylor’s Left Shark theft, she knew exactly how it would be interpreted.

This may be the low-key beef in history, but we’re kind of enjoying the nuanced subtlety. It’s like, if most celebrity feuds are Game of Thrones, Katy vs. Taylor is Downton Abbey. But with slut shaming.