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While most of your major social media sites have policies against explicit photos, anything goes on Twitter.

Farrah Abraham is a porn star, so it makes sense that she takes advantage of the site’s laid back policy on nudity with photos like the one below:

Farrah Abraham: Topless on Twitter

But it’s funny that she pretends to be shy by covering up her nipples.

This is a woman who hawks molds of her vagina in person at sex toy conventions. She has literally tried to sell her DNA online, but apparently she draws the line at showing her boobs for the 475,678th time.

Anyway, Farrah apparently had a pair (tee-hee) of good reasons for posting the racy pic:

  1. She wanted to show off her new Louis Vuitton bag.
  2. She wanted to celebrate Woman Crush Wednesday with a shout out to her favorite lady: Farrah Abraham.

"#WCW fashionably with the LV my treat had to have the new limited LV #SelfMade," Farrah captioned the pic.

Yeah, we’re not totally sure what that means either, but when it comes to Farrah, that’s about as coherent as it’s gonna get.

Remember that this woman can afford to shell out five figures for a hand bag the next time you’re writing your student loan check and wondering what flavor of Faygo pairs best with Ramen noodles, mmm-kay?