Farrah Abraham DNA Sample Can Be Yours For Low, Low Price of $99

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Farrah Abraham's DNA could be yours forever for the low, low price of $99, and we are somehow not talking about the Farrah Abraham sex tape here!

Farrah the Porn Star

Abraham actually partnered with Celebrity Gene, a company that liquefies the DNA of stars, which is apparently a thing that can be and is done.

Usually, the DNA is extracted from hair, not the remnants of all-day body-slapping sessions with James Deen. But we were wondering that, too.

The DNA is then placed in a vial you wear around your neck, making this the best/worst money-making idea since naming a star after someone.

Fortunately, it's (partially) for a good cause when you waste your money, as half of it goes to the charity of that particular celebrity's choice.

For Farrah, that would be Operation Underground Railroad, which helps rescue kidnapped children from slavery and human trafficking rings.

Of course, Abraham's also getting paid, banking a 10 percent cut from any of her DNA sales, plus $30,000 she got upfront for the sample.

Sophia's gotta eat, right? We know God is her manager, so we're sure he gave her the thumbs up to pursue this and other biz ventures.

Abraham tells TMZ she feels a personal connection to this one, as a DNA test helped her "create a better future" for her young daughter.

Farrah's ex Derek Underwood was killed in a car accident when she was pregnant, so paternity had to be confirmed after the tragedy.

Abraham DNA is now for sale along with the likes of Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Elvis and Al Capone. Suck on that, Maci Bookout.

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