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Could it be???  is Kourtney Kardashian dating Drake?

According to a Kardashian insider, they aren’t dating yet.  But Kim and Kanye are trying to change that!

Kourtney Kardashian Waving
(Judy Eddy/
Kourtney Kardashian Waving
(Judy Eddy/

Kourtney is doing just fine after splitting with her slimy husband, Scott Disick.  In fact, she is doing so fine that Kourtney flaunted cleavage pics on Instagram.

The mother of three is single and ready to play the field again.  And Kimye thinks Drake could be the one!

According to the source, Drake has always had a thing for the eldest Kardashian sister.

Up until her split from Scott, Kourtney often made fun of her sisters’ history of dating rappers.  But now she might being joining the ranks with them.

The insider revealed, “Kim and Kanye have been hounding Kourtney to go on a double date with them and Drake.”

“Kourtney is actually open to the idea, the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is basically logistics – it’s nearly impossible to find a night that all four of them are in the same town and free,” the source added.

Of course, this could be a rumor.  And we think it might be.  However, if we’ve learned anything from following the Kardashian klan over the years, it’s that anything is possible.

In fact, the more unlikely it seems, they likelier it is with this family.