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Kim Kardashian lets her boobs hang WAY out on the cover of Rolling Stone this month.

But it’s a certain member of this famous family who is angry at the reality star for the way in which she left him out to dry inside the pages of this issue.

Indeed, we doubt Rob Kardashian will be having coffee with his big sister any time soon.

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According to an Us Weekly, Rob and Kim have been working on their relationship and "were getting along" well over the past few weeks.

But then Kim went ahead and told Rolling Stone that she thinks Rob “smokes weed, drinks beer… and plays video games all day long.”

Kim also cited her brother’s weight gain, though she did say this meant Rob is not doing any hard drugs such as meth.

How does Rob feel about his sibling telling the world about his alleged bad habits?

"He’s furious at her for her comments to Rolling Stone," a source tells Us Weekly. "He was been bitching her out on her phone. He’s mad – pissed as hell."

Rob Kardashian has kept a very low profile for over a year now.

There’s been talk of serious drug and alcohol use and rumors that he has spent time in rehab.

The problems seemed to start when Rob and Kim got into such a fight during the latter’s wedding weekend in May of 2014 that Rob actually flew home from Europe before she got married to Kanye West.

And Kim’s latest interview may have put a nail in the relatives’ coffin.

"Rob has blocked Kim on his phone,” the source tells Us.

“He doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. He says there’s no excuse she could possibly have for saying that. He will not forgive her."