Meek Mill Responds to Drake Diss, Gets Absolutely Roasted on Twitter

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The feud between Drake and Meek Mill started out as one of the lamer rap beefs in recent memory, but it's been getting weirder and more entertaining by the day.

It all started when Meek dissed Drake on Twitter, accusing the sensitive Toronto emcee of using ghostwriters.

Drake responded with a pair of diss tracks in which he basically burned Meek to the ground and publicly called the man out as Nicki Minaj's bitch.

At first, it looked like Meek wouldn't respond at all, and many hip hop heads theorized that Nicki had encouraged him to take the high road.

Turns out, we were all giving Meek too much credit, and he was actually just taking the better part of a week to write and record this hot garbage:

That track undeniably sucks, and it seems even lamer in comparison to Drake's freestyles, the latter of which likely sent Meek running to the nearest burn unit.

To make matters worse, it's no longer just Drake tearing into Meek.

That POS he calls a diss track has inspired everyone from Canadian politicians to southern fast food chains to pile on Meek:

The trend started when Texas-based burger franchise WhataBurger tweeted at Meek, "Take it from us - if you gonna serve beef serve it high quality." That one left Meek well done, son!

From there, Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly got in on the act, tweeting, "This is the reason people hire ghostwriters #WeDidntWannaKnow" And here we thought Canadian politicians could only burn crack rocks!

Even Detroit Pistons Brandon Jennings threw fuel on the fire, offering to write Mill a check if he'd quit rapping. You just got posterized, Meek!

As for Drake's response, he kept it simple:

Drake Laughing

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand disses.

In fairness, Meek did come with a pretty epic cover for the single that likens Drizzy to famed lip-syncers Milli Vanilli:

Drake as Milli Vanilli

Sadly, a good cover can't save a crappy song. We think it's safe to Meek won't be inheriting the Earth any time soon.

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