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Just when you thought the beef between Drake and Meek Mill was just about squashed, Drizzy comes back with this blistering diss track that puts Meek in his place as Nicki Minaj’s kept man.

Drake’s BFF and Meek’s possible fiancee Nicki may have been unable to hammer out a peace deal between the two men in her life, but we get the feeling Drake may have just dealt the final blow in this unexpected feud:

In less than three minutes the Toronto emcee hits on everything from Meek’s C-list career to his status as Nicki’s kept man.

"Is that a world tour, or your girl’s tour?" Drake raps before warning Nicki to "hit him with a prenup."

Next, Aubrey Graham puts the nail in the coffin by pointing out that this is the second track in which he came after Meek, and Mr. Mill still has yet to respond:

"I did another one, you still ain’t did sh-t about the other one," Drake raps at one point. "I don’t wanna hear about it ever again, even when she tells you that you’re better as friends."

Yeah, we’re calling it. The winner, and still lame-ass feud champion: Drake!