Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: Second Chances

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Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 11 saw Joseline and Stevie travel to L.A., while Jessica Dime and Margeaux hit up an open mic night.

It also saw everyone try - and fail - to earn a second chance.

Don't You Even

When Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 11 got underway, Jessica Dime asks Joseline at the studio why she’s been avoiding her lately.

Jessica tells Joseline she's been wanting to hang out, then gets defensive and just plain pissed when Joseline downplays their friendship in general.

Dime insists they were good friends in Miami, whereas Joseline sees them as more like strip club acquaintances. The tension starts to really boil.

Soon enough, it leads to security removing Jessica from the studio as Joseline throws a drink in her face. Standard fare for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Elsewhere, when you watch Love and Hop Hop Atlanta online this week, you'll see Rasheeda bring Erica along to check out Ashley’s performance.

Ashley is clearly nervous to have Rasheeda in the audience; Rasheeda criticizes Ashley for lip syncing but isn't totally turned off by her lack of talent.

That's high praise, considering.

Things quickly unravel as Ashley tells Rasheeda that she and Kirk are heading out on another promo tour, which he neglected to tell her himself.

Obviously, given Kirk's track record, she is none to pleased about the way he operates and demands he cancel the promotional tour ASAP. Right.

Meanwhile, Joseline and Stevie J meet up with hedge fund investors about a movie starring the two of them. Could this possibly be a real meeting?

At an open mic night where Jessica Dime is performing, she vents to Margeaux about what she sees as Mimi's lack of effectiveness as a manager.

Karlie reveals at that same event that she's just started her own record label, and expresses interest in singing Jessica Dime and Margeaux to it.

As for Mimi Faust, she acknowledges she’s been slacking as Jessica’s manager and that issues with Nikko Smith are the root of her distractions.

Wisely, Jessica decides to keep her sexual encounter with Stevie J and Joseline to herself, and decides to give Mimi one last chance at the helm.

Mimi later meets with Dawn to tell her to step off in her efforts to try to pry Dime away from her. Amazingly, this exchange does not turn physical.

Not far off, though.

Reeling from her previous conversation, Rasheeda begins to think she might have reason to be suspicious of Kirk's dealings with Ashley. Ya think!?

She decides to call Kirk’s hotel room to check up on him and is livid when Ashley picks up the phone. Oh s--t, it is about to go down for real.

'Sheed drops her kids off at her mom’s, picks up Erica and heads to Kirk and Ashley’s hotel where she prepares to throw the f--k down ...

Next week.

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