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She may be prim and proper when we see her at official events, but according to one royal insider, Kate Middleton has a risque side that the public never sees.

In a new Star magazine feature entitled “Royal Bodyguards Tell All” several former Buckingham palace employees spill the tea on everything from Prince George’s love of Frozen to Will and Kate’s karaoke room.

The most interesting revelations both involve dancing. Specifically, Kate’s decidedly un-royal method of staying in shape, and Pippa’s desire to shake her famous backside on reality TV.

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One guard reveals that Kate took pole dancing classes to help get her trim figure back following her first pregnancy.

“She agreed to have lessons as a bit of a laugh,” says the source. “She was so nervous about being seen or recognized, she used to wear a scarf around her head as a disguise. But she loved it!

“She tells everyone it was great exercise. She told me that a woman should always have secret talents up her sleeve!”

Well, that might be one of the reasons Kate is so protective of her privacy. We get the feeling the Queen wouldn’t be too thrilled to find out the Duchess of Cambridge is working the pole to the strains of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

As for Pippa’s boogying ambitions, the guard claims Kate’s younger sister desperately wants to appear on Dancing With the Stars, but her dream has repeatedly been shut down.

“She wants her sister’s fame, that’s for sure. I heard she’s desperate to be on Dancing with the Stars but the palace asked her to back off. They felt it would sully the image of her sister.

“Well, I tell you she did not care! She supposedly contacted Derek Hough somehow and he’s a big fan of the idea.”

Apparently, the realization that she would never be able to compete on DWTS led to Pippa pursuing a gig on the Today show.

That doesn’t appear to have worked out, so maybe she’ll wind up as a reality star after all. 

Fortunately, Pippa has a fan in Kim Kardashian, so she should have a mighty easy time striking up a deal with E! Fingers crossed!