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Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar are celebrating 31 years of marriage this week. The parents of 19 got hitched in 1984 … when he was 19.

Michelle Ruark, meanwhile, was just 17 at the time!

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For the July 21 anniversary, the Duggar family shared some throwback pictures of the famous parents on the wedding day, captioning it:

"Happy 31st Anniversary, Dad & Mom! We love you!"

Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest son Josh Duggar also got in on the family fun, sharing with fans his own retro shots of the blissful couple.

In the 25 years that followed, Michelle gave birth to 19 bundles of joy and the Duggar family became a household name thanks to TLC.

The 48-year-old Duggar family matriarch offered up some sweet words for husband Jim Bob, saying she is "so honored" to be his wife.

"I’m so grateful for how you lead, protect and cherish me," Michelle wrote in the blog post. "You are my best friend and encourager."

"I’m so grateful that you share your heart with me. Your hopes, your dreams your successes, your weaknesses and even your failures."

(Such as the "debt-free" Duggars’ foreclosure? #TooSoon.)

She called him "my most faithful prayer partner and my life long companion & love," while Jim Bob called her "the greatest blessing."

"She is my best friend, we share everything. Michelle is selfless, always thinking of others first … an example to millions of women."

In light of the recent sex scandal that got 19 Kids & Counting canned from TLC, some people might beg to differ on that last point.

Still, while they’re reeling from getting axed and Jim Bob plans his return to TV that may never happen, at least they have each other.