Florida Man: Sentenced to Two Years in Prison For Sex on the Beach!

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Florida man Jose Cabellero just paid the heaviest price we can ever recall for getting laid on the beach, since he'll be in prison until 2017.

Hope she was good ...

Caballero was caught having sex on the beach with his girlfriend, Elissa Alvarez, outside Tampa, Fla., and is not the first to claim that.

However, these hornballs were boning on a public beach ... in front of a woman with a camera and in front of little kids. Not great.

Witnesses say the Floridians weren't exactly quiet or discreet, either, during the 25-minute encounter. (Seriously, 25 minutes?!)

Both were found guilty of lewd or lascivious exhibition in front of a child, a second-degree felony, and must register as sex offenders.

Since Caballero had a prior drug conviction (bad enough that he served time in prison for it), he got nailed with a two-year sentence.

Elissa got off ... in more ways than one, if you know what we mean. She was released with time served following her initial arrest.

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