Eminem Penned Letter, Drawing For Tupac's Mom!

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Eminem hasn’t exactly made a career out of being a nice guy. 

This has been true since he burst on the scene in 1999 to the present day, when you can hear Eminem rapping about punching Lana del Rey.

Also recently, Eminem's feud with Iggy Azalea made its way onto his album, Shady XV, and on Twitter. He and controversy go hand in hand.

But it turns out, he isn’t an a**hole all of time.

Eminem's Sketch of Tupac
Eminem's Letter to Tupac's Mom

The rapper wrote a heartfelt letter to Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur. In the letter, he says, “Thank you for always being so kind to me."

"You are a true Queen, and I mean that in every sense of the word.”

He continues, “I will never forget the opportunities you have given me.  You will always be in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers.”

If that wasn’t sappy enough, Slim Shady even drew Tupac’s mom a picture!

Eminem has repeatedly cited Tupac as a major influence and inspiration in his life and music. So it doesn't come as a surprise that he expressed such heartfelt gratitude and sincerity.

This isn’t the first time this letter has been uncovered.

In fact, the letter and portrait surfaced in 2007 in the book Tupac Remembered. But in the digital age, nothing is forgotten or lost.

Reddit users rediscovered the letter, and it has since gone viral.

So the moral of the story is that even the hardest of hearts have a soft spot. Well, maybe not for Iggy, Lana, Moby, his ex-wife Kim …

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