Donald Trump Slams Paulina Vega: You Hypocrite!

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Running for president may be bad for business, but if any publicity is good publicity, at least Donald Trump's campaign has that going for it.

The blowhard is at it again, this time calling Colombian-born Miss Universe winner Paulina Vega a hypocrite for bashing him on Instagram.

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Weeks after things Donald Trump said about Mexicans incensed millions, he continues to feel the heat from his controversial comments.

NBC has fired him, along with Macy's and Univision, but In the increasingly crowded GOP field, his poll numbers have gone up if anything.

He has tried to soften his stance ever so slightly, saying he loves the Mexican people, but is yet to apologize or back down in earnest.

Yesterday, he called Paulina Vega out on Twitter after she became the latest to criticize the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

"Bending and embracing the differences that exist across humanity is the first step in actual and substantial development," she said.

"I want to show my support and validate the sentiments of the Latin community. Dividing and categorizing humankind only holds it back."

"We must strive together in order to improve the common good."

However, she pivoted somewhat and tried to condemn Trump while also defending the Miss Universe Organization overall, adding:

"For the past 64 years, [The Miss Universe Organization has] created partnerships with great charity groups and have helped thousands of communities."

"Their legacy of uniting ... has been inspiring to many."

"If the Miss Universe Organization shared any anti-Latin sentiments or any type of racial biases, I wouldn’t be in this position today."

Trump, of course, saw this as ironic, given that she's willing to take shots at him, but not willing to give up the crown. The 69-year-old wrote:

"Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, criticized me for telling the truth about illegal immigration, but then said she would keep the crown - Hypocrite."

Is it really hypocrisy, though?

Vega wasn't critiquing the Miss Universe Organization, which is co-owned by Trump and NBC Universal, but merely his campaign rhetoric.

Can't those be separate thoughts? And shouldn't Trump thank her, if anything, for trying to preserve one of his brands despite her criticism?

Discuss in the comments!

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