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You’re not going to believe this, but brace yourselves: There was some major drama last night on Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 29.

We know. It’s a jolt to the system for sure.

Watch Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 29 Online
Watch Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 29 Online

When you watch Dance Moms online this week, you have plenty of developments to look forward to and Abby Lee Miller to cringe at.

The ALDC finally set up shop in its new L.A. studio, with Abby announcing that their grand opening would coincide with Nationals.

Meanwhile, after Kendall bested JoJo last week, she was rewarded with a solo … going up against both Maddie and Mackenzie.

That showdown would officially determine – once and for all – which one of the youngsters would earn the coveted Nationals solo.

Oh, and Kira Girard is pregnant again! Have mercy!

With JoJo Siwa out of the running, "It’s you versus Maddie," Abby informs Kendall. "You have to know that Maddie’s been beaten before."

"It’s not impossible. But is it possible for Kendall?"

To do it, she was given a complex, new-age routine requiring the use of a scarf – a tough prop that could deliver the win to Kendall … or Maddie.

Kendall’s mom, Jill Vertes, feels it "lends itself for error."

Abby defends the accessory, believing it lends itself to Kendall’s natural skills. Sadly, she failed to catch it at one point, and finished second.

Maddie, of course, took home the coveted #1 spot.

The ALDC’s group routine, “Always a Bridesmaid,” also took home first-place, while Maddie’s sister, Mackenzie, was first in the junior category.

Who will represent at Nationals? It’s looking like the Zieglers all the way, but there is still time … for more contrived, scripted drama on Lifetime.

There’s always more time for that.