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Full panic mode was basically achieved on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 8.

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Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 8 Online

On the latest installment of this ABC Family smash, the ladies understandably freaked out after the man of numerous colored hoods hijacked Aria’s exhibit, unveiling a collection of pictures taken from within Charles’ bunker. 

They were all pretty darn freaky. To wit:

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Hold on, it actually gets far worse: While following a potential suspect after the incident at the art gallery, the Liars – without Aria, naturally – took note of Clark trailing him directly into the abandoned doll house.

(All towns have those… right?)

We then saw Red Coat and Black Hood spying on Aria and Mrs. Montgomery, and they look pretty darn chummy.

Thanks, Pretty Little Liars, for making us scared of, like, every conceivable article of clothing.

Elsewhere, Hanna and Spencer’s investigation into the Carissimi Group led them to a conversation with a man named Reese. Could he be Charles?!?

They did catch Reese at Aria’s exhibit and also in the abandoned dollhouse, after all.

Still, we see red herring painted all over this very handsome man.

Alison, meanwhile, did some detective work of her own this week, forcing Lorenzo to sleep with soup in order to nab his key and gain access to the evidence locker.

He was rather angry to awaken and discover he’d been tricked… though not as peeved as Tanner.

Following a long talk about a baby rattle they found in Charles’ bunker, Tanner told Ali that the police would attack him with “lethal” fire if the situation called for it.

Finally, on the romantic side of things: watch Pretty Liars online and you’ll see Emily inform Aria about her kiss with Sara, while also telling her that she wants to take Sara to the prom.

Oh, and Aria also made major progress with Ezra. If Nicole hadn’t appeared to ruin Aria’s prom-posal, we may have even gotten our long-overdue Ezra makeout session.

Speaking of prom, though, we head there on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 9. See for yourself:

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