Chloe Bartoli: Scott Disick and I Are Just Friends!

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In the weeks since Kourtney Kardashian dumped Scott Disick, his alleged mistress Chloe Bartoli has been subjected to harsh criticism.

In the press and on her personal social media pages, she's become a pariah of sorts ... but has the intense scrutiny been justified?

Chloe Bartoli in Black and White

Bartoli's been called a homewrecker (and much worse) on her own Instagram photos despite the fact that little is known about her.

The confirmed details of Scott's infidelity are few and far between and even Kourtney seems to feel the blame lies with Disick alone.

Now, insiders close to Bartoli are speaking out and claiming that the L.A.-based stylist swears that nothing inappropriate happened.

It sure looked like she and Scott were more than friends while the two of them were partying together in Monte Carlo, as seen below.

Still, she apparently says it's not what it looks like ...

A source close to Bartoli tells E! News.

"Chloe is adamant that nothing happened between her and Scott in Europe. She's telling friends there is no way, that he's like a brother to her."

As for the photos of Disick and Bartoli that appear to show them in a romantic embrace, the insider says the images are not what they seem:

"He was super drunk and she took care of him, yes ... but the photos are misleading. She insists she and Scott are just best friends."

The source went on to say that because of the pics, Bartoli "has basically had to go into hiding. Everywhere she goes, people yell at her."

The anonymous friend of Chloe's claims that there has been no contact between Kourtney and Chloe, as the women "are not friends."

However, she insists that even though it's not mad love, there's no bad blood between them ... so it looks like she just hates Scott.

Think Chloe is telling the truth?

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