Chloe Bartoli Blasted as "Homewrecker" (and Worse!) on Instagram

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Chloe Bartoli is facing the consequences of serving as Scott Disick's side piece.

The Los Angeles-based stylist was spotted on a yacht in France alongside Disick last week, acting very cozy with the man she used to date before he moved on to Kourtney Kardashian.

Subsequent rumors claimed Bartoli and Disick were spending numerous nights together, with Kourtney finally having enough and dumping Disick's sorry rear end a few days ago.

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In response, a number of Internet users have bombbared Bartoli's Instagram page with some major vitriol.

"You’re f-cking disgusting ripping apart a family," wrote one critic, seeming to not blame Disick for his own decisions and adding:

"Scott has a drinking problem and three f-cking small children. Show some respect and end it. He needs help."

The latter point may be true, and Disick may even be entering rehab in the near future, but he's still the one who allegedly cheated. Not Bartoli.

Still, @ennywitten writes that Chloe is a “Homewrecker” who is “nothing compared to kourtney!!!,” while @brunomctyler lets Bartoli have it with:

"Slut! You only want followrs and like! But you dont be never a star!( maybe a pornostar)."

One harsh critic even body-shamed Bartoli, writing on Instagram:

"this bitc-h flat. Scott must have been drunk and high and overdosing the whole time he was with her this lady not special at all."

Ouch. It's hard to sympathize with anyone who somehow likes Scott Disick, but come on, people. Ease up here.

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