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Azealia Banks has once again taken aim at Nicki Minaj.

A couple months after saying it’s a "running joke" that Minaj keeps winning Best Rap Video at the BET Awards, Banks has inserted herself into Nicki’s beef with the MTV Video Music Awards.

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Soon after nominations for that ceremony were announced, Minaj complained on Twitter about "Anaconda" not receiving very much love, hinting strongly that racial biased was involved.

But Banks disagrees.

Addressing her fellow artist, Banks Tweeted her take last night on why Nicki didn’t get recognized by MTV.

"All u did was show ur ass, an ass we’ve all seen plenty of times.”

Banks, however, also expressed extreme displeasure over being shutout by MTV, going off on her own Twitter rant in response to the nominations announcement.

"All my videos deserve VMas and my album deserves a Grammy but I’ll never get one because America doesn’t like opinionated black women," she wrote at the time.

She followed that message up by saying on Wednesday that awards shows are just "mediocrity contest" these days, that the "art world is f-cked" and:

"Pop-culture needs to be re-vamped. Just to make it enjoyable again. The chinks in its armor are too visible and no one believes the hype anymore.

"As much as I would love to be at the top of the pops, I’m not really willing to make the personal sacrifices one must make to get there."

Well… okay then? We have no idea at this point when it comes to Azealia Banks.