The Real Housewives of Orange County Season Premiere Recap: Under Construction

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On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 Episode 1, we enjoyed the return of the iconic Bravo flagship franchise and the debut of a new face.

"Under Construction" might not be the correct title for this episode.  The term “under construction” implies things are being built or repaired. But tonight’s season premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County showed most of the ladies in a state of unraveling.

Everyone is under the influence of personal drama that is causing the deconstruction of their lives.  Well, not Tamra.  She just artificially reconstructs her body…again.  Oh, or Heather.  She buys a $7,000 sink.  She's f**king fine.

Everyone else has real, serious issues going on.

What might have been the most surprising about the season premiere was this intensely serious tone.  Does this hint at a season that might be more serious than the rest?

The preview into the season shows the ladies dealing with cancer, baptism, death of parents, and relationship problems.  Surely, the season will be full of drama, but it looks like the drama might be more sober than normal.  

And we don't mean sober as is in not drunk. Surely, the ladies will be drunk.

The season premiere introduced us to the newest lady of Orange County, Meghan Edmonds.  Meghan is married to Major League Baseball player Jim Edmonds.

The episode didn’t divulge much information about Meghan.  But just witnessing her interaction with her husband suggests that her new marriage is already a mess.

Meghan claims Jim is “so gracious” and “amazing” and that he “respects" her.  But he continually cuts her off as she asks him about his upcoming travel schedule.  His tone is authoritative and undermining for the purpose of keeping her quiet.

Then, at dinner with Jim and her stepdaughter, Meghan asks Jim why he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.  Trouble in paradise???  Probably.

He claims that he took it off “two weeks ago,” and that he hasn't looked for it since.  When she asks him for a kiss, he refuses to lean six inches across the table.

Meghan mentions that she is closer in age to her stepdaughter than she is her husband.  And Jim treats her that way.  In each of their interactions, he speaks to her like she was child, belittling and undermining her.

It is probably safe to assume that this season will show us a troubled relationship between Meghan and Jim.  In her brief moments on screen, she doesn't explicitly say her marriage is a mess.  But all signs are pointing to problems.

The introduction of her marriage is reminiscent of Shannon and David when they were first cast on the show.

Last season, Shannon constantly reaffirmed she and David were happy and that her marriage was great.  But just witnessing a single moment of their relationship, it was evident they were completely and utterly miserable.

Now that Shannon and David are taking steps to recover and piece together the remnants of their marriage, Bravo needed to cast a new troubled couple.

According to Shannon, her marital problems with David are severe.  She remarks, no one knows “how bad my marriage with David has been the last few months.”

David had an affair, and the couple temporarily split.  But they have decided to take the road less traveled in modern relationships, and they are trying to work it out.

You can see what we mean when you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online.

Often, it is difficult to pity reality stars, especially stars who are generally out of touch with real life.

But when Shannon admits she only remembers her parents fighting and that she didn’t feel unconditional love from her mother, it wasn’t hard to feel bad for her.

Shannon and David are definitely in a moment of deconstruction.  As the season continues, we will see if they are able to work it out.  Something tells us they will be able to.

Normally, Vicki, the only original housewife, is the comic relief of the show with her off-the-wall comments and ridiculous outbursts. But even Vicki’s life is at a serious juncture. 

Between the end of last season and the filming of the premiere, Brooks moved in with Vicki.

However, Brooks was diagnosed with stage three non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  So rather than enjoying her relationship, she is taking care of Brooks as he undergoes chemotherapy.

Admirably, Vicki is doing her best to keep him positive.  She is taking him to Mexico to get his mind off of his cancer treatment.  And she keeps a close eye on his diet to make sure he isn’t eating foods that are thought to fuel cancer.

It appears that Vicki might not have much support from the other ladies.  She laments that she called Tamra when she found out Brooks had cancer.  Other than Brooks, the only person Vicki talks to in this episode is her mother.  Has she lost all of her friends???

But Vicki never heard from Tamra after that.  It certainly wouldn’t be the RHOOC if there weren’t a little bit of cat fighting—even through all the seriousness.

The only ladies without major problems seems to be Tamra and Heather.

Tamra undergoes breast implant surgery.  She gives a quick historical record of her love/heat relationship with her boobs. She got “huge” implants when she was 21.  Then, she had them reduced.  Later, she had her implants removed all together.

On this episode, she undergoes surgery—with a full face of makeup—to get implants again.  It’s a tough life for Tamra Barney.

At the end of last season, Tamra cried, as her botoxed face remained paralyzed, because her son met and got engaged to Sarah, a woman he met on Instagram.

However, since then, Tamra has developed an “extremely close” relationship with Sarah.  She even throws her a weird country/shabby chic themed baby shower.

Tamra yells and squeals during the entire shower, proving once again she has the most annoying voice EVER.

Heather is living the good life.  She and her husband, Terry, are in the process of building a mega-mansion that includes a “salon” in her closet, nine bathrooms, and a $7,000 sink.

The house is so large and ornate that was scheduled to take 18-22 months to build.  In other words, the only problems Heather has are deciding color palettes and cabinet hardware.

She whines briefly that Terry is working more now than ever before in his career.  It must really suck to have a husband that works all the time so you can have everything you want.

This episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County is a little heavy.  In some ways, it is nice to see the ladies acting like real humans with real problems.

But we don’t watch the housewives for real reality.  Where’s the drama???

We think it is safe to say the drama is just around the corner, probably lurking in next week's episode.

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