Ruby Rose Wants to Bang Taylor Swift

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In case you somehow haven't heard, Australian model and Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose is all the rage these days.

We'd say it has to do with her unique style, her badass attitude, or the way she shook things up in the third season of OITNB, but if you've seen any of the millions of Ruby Rose photos floating around the Internet, you know the real reason she blew up overnight.

Ruby is engaged to fashion designer Phoebe Dahl, but when asked about her celeb crushes on Twitter this week, Ms. Rose was open and honest about what famous hotties tickle her fancy.

Ruby Rose Tattoo Selfie
Taylor Swift Side Gaze

"Taylor Swift," Ruby replied to a fan. "And Kristen Stewart is my girl's crush."

A T-Swift-K-Stew-Ruby-Rose-Phoebe-Dahl foursome is probably asking a bit much, but hopefully Ruby will be at least be admitted into Taylor's exclusive chick clique and land a role in the sequel to the "Bad Blood" music video.

Then one night, they could stay up late after the other girls have gone to bed. Taylor could talk about she's strangely drawn to Ruby despite the fact that she hates Justin Bieber and is usually repulsed by his doppelgangers.

One thing leads to another; Taylor tosses aside her knitting, and they only pull apart from each other when the cupcakes in the oven start to burn, and the smoke detector wakes up the other 40 members of the Swifty Estrogen Army.

We may have spent too much time thinking about this.

In other news, Ruby has a freaking Archer tattoo on her pelvis? That's either the most awesome or the lamest thing ever. Maybe both?

Watch Orange is the New Black online to see Ruby somehow manage to make a baggy federal-issue khaki jumpsuit sexy.

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