Patrick Dempsey: Aggressively Seeking TV Return?

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Patrick Dempsey is said to be pursuing a return to the small screen, just weeks after he was, for all intents and purposes, fired from Grey's Anatomy.

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The 49-year-old has been meeting with multiple executives in L.A. in hopes of landing a new gig following his shocking departure from the ABC hit.

He spent a decade on the drama, and one casting agent was quoted as saying, “I can definitely see him ending up on something in the fall.”

One studio executive said of Dempsey's return to primetime: “It’s just what you do ... you never know when that dream project is gonna fall in your lap.”

“It’s very normal for an actor who has been on a show a long time to take meetings, to get reacquainted with other studios and network execs."

Of course, there's the question of baggage, following the way he left Grey's, although one producer says it's all up to what the top brass wants:

"Any actor who provides more drama on set than he does on camera is a non-starter for me ... I mean up until the network says I have to hire him.”

Reports of Patrick's poor work ethic and conflicts with Grey's Anatomy show-runners surfaced for months before he was cut loose this spring.

There is also talk that he caused strife on the set by virtue of a “very messy” fling with a young staffer, though that has not been confirmed.

One thing never in dispute is that he was totally over Grey's, and looking to do something new in his career and life after 10-plus seasons.

Think he'll get the chance this quickly?

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