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Kristen Bell feels your pain, Game of Thrones fans.

The beloved actress is such a big fan of this HBO hit that she and some friends got all dressed up for Sunday night’s Season 5 finale.

“Sam,Gilly,Baby Sam,2 ravens,Granny Tyrell, & a direwolf(Greywind) READY TO PARTY! @MissLauraMoses @HiRyanHansen #GoT,” she captioned the amazing photo below.

Kristen Bell in Costume

However, just like millions around the world, Bell’s excitement turned to outrage by the end of Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10.

Because (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Arya was blinded? Myrcella was poisoned? Jon Snow was killed?

Probably the latter, but possibly all of the above.

"HOW. DARE. THEY," Bell Tweeted not long after the crazy finale came to a conclusion.

As you can see, she was not alone in her stunned response:

Game of Thrones Shocker: Watch Fans React!

Bell explained her obsession with the series in a chat with ABC News last year, saying:

"Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, so Mother’s Day is secondary to Game of Thrones viewing, let’s be honest about that.

It’s Game of Thrones first, Mother’s Day second — we will still have a dead serious viewing party — no talking, pull the projector screen down, Sunday nights are a big deal in our household."

As for whether there’s any good news on the horizon, we’re afraid not.

Kit Harington has made the fate of Jon Snow rather clear.