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As The Bachelorette spoilers have long hinted, Nick Viall’s relationship with Kaitlyn Bristowe is soon to cause a lot of drama on the show.

But have these two actually been in contact, or even hooking up, long before his "surprising" and "dramatic" return to the ABC franchise?

Kaitlyn Selfie

While Kaitlyn Bristowe had sex mid-season – as shown on The Bachelorette promos – there is now talk that she did Nick prior to filming.

Long before Kaitlyn was officially made the next Bachelorette, Nick made it clear he was smitten with the 29-year-old dance instructor.

When The Bachelor star Chris Soules sent her home on the penultimate episode of his season this winter, Nick Viall tweeted his support:

“Kaitlyn is the total package. She will be just fine.”

He continued to gush over her … then wrangled his way onto the show following a secret off-air relationship with Kaitlyn, insiders report.

This clandestine connection begs the questions:

  1. Did the duo sleep together prior to filming?
  2. Who initiated the contact between them?
  3. Did Kaitlyn know he was joining the cast?

Nick and Kaitlyn supposedly communicated “all the time” after The Bachelor, using FaceTime, email, and texts … but they never hooked up.

Viall took a trip to L.A. in February at the same time The Bachelorette was gearing up to start filming, which is how this rumor originated.

It was originally suggested that he flew out to woo Andi Dorfman, who he dated on the show last season and just split with Josh Murray.

Speculation then turned to whether Nick and Kait had some sort of hot rendezvous, but it looks like their pre-show contact was all virtual.

In the promo for next week, Kaitlyn looks shocked to see Nick, but they also make out pretty quickly, as though they had done so before.

“Kaitlyn couldn’t possibly have been that surprised when she saw him in NY," quoth Reality Steve, the Oracle of The Bachelorette Spoilers.

"And the fact they made out on Chelsea Piers pretty much should tell you all you need to know about their ‘relationship’ prior to the show.”

When she tells some remaining guys that Nick asked if he could come on board, and she said yes, Kaitlyn downplays her past with him.

It’s the future they should be more concerned about, because if the spoilers are to be believed, Nick might be sticking around for some time.

Arguably the most scripted, twisted season of The Bachelorette yet continues next Monday, and things are bound to get awkward, fast.